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I am a seasoned autodidactic mobile web application developer that adheres to the highest level of semantic standards and architectures. Since 1994, I've been exposed to cutting-edge technology while working for agencies, direct clients, companies and individuals. My passion is rooted in finding efficiency in digital communication though visual arts. I have experience leading distributed development teams, developing complex mobile web applications in an Agile environment, executing social campaigns, building web services, prototyping new concepts, and optimizing workflows.


Contract Mobile Frontend Developer
(7/15/13 to Present) creativeFEW, Inc.

  • Develop complex mobile Angular, Node and React applications.
  • Build HTML5 Canvas and D3-based visualizations.
  • Work with other developers on various agency and B2B desktop and mobile web applications.

Contract Frontend Developer
(2013 to 7/15/13) Uncorked Studios

  • Develop Node.js/MongoDB, PHP and Wordpress mobile-web applications.
  • Automate deployment and production workflows
  • Develop complex responsive sites for global brands
  • Interface with native iOS developers to ensure application consistency and performance
  • Extensive Cross-device/browser debugging

Senior Frontend Developer
(2012 to 2013) Tenfour Agency

  • Worked with other developers to create mobile web applications that integrate with a variety of social and 3rd-party APIs.
  • Develop modern cross-browser responsive layouts with an emphasis on mobile UX
  • Interfaced with UX and design leads to implement technical optimizations
  • Create custom CMS tools for data population and consumption

(2011 to 2012) Dachis Group - acquired XPLANE

  • Developed social and web apps for global brands mainly in LAMP and Ruby environments
  • Optimized development process by automating project life-cycle workflow tools
  • Converted Flash applications to HTML5/CSS/JS equivalents
  • Led development teams on larger engagements ensuring progress and quality milestones were met
  • Scoped interactive projects for quick-turn RFP responses
  • Technical liaison between Project Managers and Account Managers

(2009 to 2011) XPLANE

  • Developed desktop web and tablet web apps for international clients mainly in a LAMP environment
  • Architected new client delivery platform with web services integration
  • Developed custom CMS as well as Wordpress projects
  • Interfaced with native mobile developers and designers to ensure technical and nontechnical QA requirements were being met
  • Established an in-house development team
  • Technology lead on all interactive projects
  • Performed all Linux, font and Git server administration
  • Wrote technical documentation for clients and staff

Freelance Front-End Developer
(2004 to present) Creative Acceleration, Inc.

  • Work directly with entertainment clients to establish scope and technical requirements
  • Create functional sites from PSD comps
  • Establish Git and Issue tracking workflows
  • Interface with designers to ensure technical feasibility
  • Debug Javascript, PHP and CSS issues
  • Linux server administration for client servers
  • Develop web apps for national brands using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP/MySQL

Freelance Developer and Animator
(1994 to 2008) TBWA\Chiat\Day, Creative Asylum, Sony Entertainment Computer of America (SECA), Shape Magazine, the City of Santa Monica and DIRECTV

  • Freelance Flash developer for home entertainment sites (Creative Asylum)
  • Developer for rich media ad units and visual effects for several video game related launches including the PS3, God of War, MLB and Modern Warfare 2. (Chiat and SECA)
  • Editor for municipal programming (Santa Monica)
  • Developed landing pages (DIRECTV)
  • Promo editor (DIRECTV and Shape)

Technical Skills

Expert proficiency with the Javascript stack including AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS), Grunt/Gulp as well as complex responsive and animated CSS. I'm fluent with Git (including hooks and Gitflow), CSS3 (including the Sass precompiler, Flexbox and Bootstrap/NEAT and Foundation) responsive and animated UI layouts, native HTML5 JS APIs, Ionic framework, Markdown, cross-browser IE nonsense, dynamic JS module loading, Agile workflows, reflow optimizations and social APIs. Enough familiarity with Objective-C/Swift and Cordova to know how web apps should work.

Interpersonal Skills

I love to work with people who are more knowledgeable than I am. I ask a ton of questions and strive to always be learning. I work extremely well with others and can juggle many things at once. I am highly adaptable, dependable and flexible with the ability to accurately estimate effort requirements.

Work Examples

Benchmade Customizer - customknife.benchmade.com/knives

I was the primary developer on this responsive AngularJS/HTML5 Canvas and Node application. Users can customize all aspects of a knife including uploading their own art, custom text and blade shapes. Customizations animate on screen using HTML5 Canvas, handles are programmatically colorized and final renders are generated with Node and sent to the engraver machines.

Oregon Lottery - oregonstreasures.com

I created this AngularJS scratcher game for the Oregon Lottery. The app presents a series of timed games testing the user's knowledge of Oregon landmarks.

Yopine Mobile App - itunes.apple.com/us/app/yopine/id630726533?ls=1&mt=8

This iOS native app helps people create custom polls rendered with dynamic infographics. I created the web frontend for the poll receivers which provided real-time animated responses using web sockets, Node and Express with a Parse.com MongoDB backend.

Hawaiian Airline's Hawaii Here Mobile Web App - hawaiihere.com

This project provides travelers with relevant points of interest based on a variety of factors including physical location and current miles. I did all front-end development on this JQuery Mobile / RoR App.

Red Bull Stratos - stratos.creativeacceleration.com

This is the story of Stratos. A fully responsive layout I built for Red Bull to tell the story of the highest jump ever made by man.

DIRECTV Goes to School - directvgoestoschool.com

I was contracted directly by DIRECTV corporate to build the website for DIRECTV's School's program. The site provided registration, information and support to enrolled schools as well as resources to help them raise funds. The site made heavy use of Javascript animation and was created in CodeIgniter. The site interfaced directly with DIRECTV's systems and provides existing customer tools to help track funds raised and manage their DIRECTV subscription. A custom CMS was also built to allow administration of the program. The site has since been closed and replaced with a more static version.

Campbell's Kitchen Plate of Mind - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plate-of-mind/id874343768?mt=8

This was my first Angular project. It suggests recipes depending on your mood. I created the UI with Sass and Angular and a separate dev team compiled it with Cordova/Phonegap.

Recognition and Certifications

2008 Emmy Award

Creative Asylum (my client for which work was done on the project: Disney Channel Games) won the 2008 Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. Our team's competition included: Bravo’s “Project Runway”, “Top Chef”, ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, and CBS’s “Big Brother”.

Innovator Award

I received this award from XPLANE Corp. for innovative thinking in developing a website for Intel for the construction of their New Mexico facility. The project involved interactive 3D renderings for the environmental impact of various areas. All data was real-time and included a Wowza Media server and Amazon EC2 Server Instance.

Apple Certified Pro

LinkedIn Recommendations

From a project manager

I had the privilege of working with Jason for a short period of time at the Dachis Group. Although our time together was brief, it was immediately apparent that Jason has a deep and thorough grasp on technology. When faced with difficult questions on the project we teamed up on, he was quick to offer numerous technical solutions to answer those questions. He was a project manager's dream since he instilled confidence in the fact that he would get his projects completed in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Bob White
Producer - Dachis Group

From a colleague

Jason has the ability to accurately assess a situation and provide an appropriately targeted solution. Even as a technologist, Jason has a keen sense of design, providing a nuance of detail that few other technologists exhibit. Jason is a partner you can rely on. He's easy going, friendly and open to ideas. He continuously strives to learn and improve his game. If he doesn't know the answer, which is seldom, he will find out…quickly.

Marvin Gaviola
Associate Creative Director - XPLANE

From a client

Jason is a technical genius and a man of integrity. He is passionate about his work and consistently brings in projects on time and on budget. I am constantly amazed at the ideas he generates and his ability to execute them as well. I am also inspired by his attitude and approach to business coming along side as a partner. I would highly recommend him and the Creative Acceleration team.

Brian Glassford Owner - Emergent Productions

From management

Jason is a technical guru. Ever the innovator, he has invented systems and programs to make the work at Dachis Group more efficient and streamlined. Jason adds insight and experience to any technical conversation, offering new solutions to add value for the business. Not only that, he's a delightful member of the team, bringing humor and positivity. It's a pleasure to work with Jason.

Teija Springman SPHR
Director of Employee Experience - XPLANE